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It is an honor and humbling when we receive acknowledgment for the work we do for our patients and their families. We post these comments so you can gain a feel for the type of practice we have and to ever remind ourselves why we do what we do.

Comments come in all the time and we periodically update this area. We work hard to make sure that you may be one of them. No higher compliment can be received than to earn your trust and assist in your care.


We had a Zoom appointment with Dr. Kendall.  She had read through the material we sent and was up to speed on how our year had been. Her knowledge base is amazing and we were able to talk through several problems and come up with solutions. Dr. Kendall is very good at listening and then zeros in on what the problem is and provides suggestions for how to handle it.   It was a great appointment!  Thanks Dr. Kendall!

AM #1370

Mitochondrial Management

Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again. I saw Dr. Kendall for possible mitochondrial myopathy. She did genetic testing which came back negative. Suggested I may have X. I do in fact have a disorder that resembles X. I have been on X every 10 days for past 4.5 years, which allows me to function. She was the only person in my referral journey that didn’t dismiss me as functional. Just wanted to let you/her know and say thanks.  

WR #3139

Mitochondrial evaluation

VMP Genetics has been nothing short of miraculous in my journey toward better health and happiness. As a patient dealing with a rare and under-diagnosed disease, I had been grappling with unanswered questions and ineffective treatments for the past ten years, until I found Dr. Kendall and her exceptional team.

During my appointment, I was amazed by the attention and time Dr. Kendall invested in understanding my medical history, my lifestyle, and the nuances of my condition. She genuinely listened to my personal experience with the disease, validating my struggles and acknowledging the impact it had on my life. This level of empathy and compassion was wonderful, as I had encountered countless doctors who merely treated me as a case file rather than a person with unique needs.

But it wasn't just the empathy that impressed me; it was Dr. Kendall's commitment to finding solutions and improving my quality of life. She discussed, in great detail, all potential factors that could be influencing my disease and left no stone unturned in exploring treatment options. For the first time in my medical journey, I felt heard, understood, and hopeful that real progress could be made.

The care and support I received at VMP Genetics have been truly life-changing. Not only did they provide me with accurate diagnoses and better treatment options, but they also equipped me with the knowledge and resources to actively manage my condition. The personalized approach they adopt has given me a renewed sense of control over my health.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Kendall and her team. Their level of expertise, genuine concern for their patients, and unwavering commitment to providing the best care possible set them apart as true medical champions. It is heartening to know that there are medical professionals like them, who are willing to go the extra mile for their patients.

To anyone seeking answers, relief, and compassionate care, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kendall & her team. They are the beacon of hope that every patient with a rare or under-diagnosed disease deserves.

AM #4387

EDS evaluation & treatment

Thank you for the wonderful interaction I had at the last appointment. I feel like you all provided me with more significant information than other healthcare professionals were able to do in the past 35 years. Within 3 days of beginning the daily medications that include sXXXX, pXXXX, and aXXXX, my skin stopped swelling with hives from things that normally would make me break out, itch, and be very uncomfortable. Thank you so much!  

ME #4154

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome evaluation

You are truly wonderful in your level and detail of support.  Thank you so very much!  

EH #4477

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome evaluation

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kendall regarding my lifelong health conditions. Dr. Kendall was very comprehensive, with her providing useful and pertinent information as well as devising a plan moving forward. I look forward to meeting with Dr. Kendall again in the future as she continues to provide much needed care and support. 

SP #4329

Connective Tissue evaluation

I am so glad that I met with Dr. Kendall. She is an expert who was able to help me understand my lifelong medical anomalies. She spent a ton of time with me - more than any doctor ever has - ensuring that all of my questions were answered. Even though learning about new diagnoses can feel scary, she is compassionate and has an excellent referral network, so I finally have doctors who can help me. I came in with questions and left with answers, specialized practitioners, and guidance on how to start taking care of myself that same day. When you're chronically ill it can be hard to seek an excellent specialist, but I am so glad that I did this for myself. Her knowledge is unparalleled and I owed it to myself to seek this level of care. We are so happy we met with you both and already implemented the tips you shared. Thank you, thank you. 

LG #4056

EDS evaluation


I am so thankful to have seen Dr. Kendall. She was so kind, understanding, and was able to give me a diagnosis to help me move forward with treatments and specialists that actually work with EDS patients, which is a huge relief. The wait to get in to see her felt like forever, but there was no way I was willing to see anyone else after reading about her, and I'm so thankful I followed my intuition and waited (there is a cancellation list to be seen sooner if you wish). Because of this diagnosis, my daughter's pediatrician is in the process of trying to have her diagnosed, as her symptoms are already affecting her quality of life and worse than mine was at her age. Dr. Kendall also does a yearly follow up to keep a check on your symptoms, to make sure that your treatments are helping and making sure if you have any new symptoms, she can send you to the right doctors. I've read where so many people get this diagnosis, just to be tossed out on their own to try and figure everything out for themselves. That's pretty much what happened to me 2 years ago from a rheumatologist, he was only willing to tell me that I had joint hypermobility and fibromyalgia, and said since there is no cure for EDS, there is no point in actually diagnosing it. That is so messed up. Now I know why surgical scars have turned out like they have, and why I reacted to anesthesia and certain medicines the way I have, and that is extremely important. I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Kendall and Mike for giving me so much information, and actually caring about their patients well being after they leave their office. I will always recommend her.

BG #0161

EDS evaluation


Thank you so much - Dr. Kendall was such a refreshing experience and a much needed gift to us and in my son Anthony's own words - what a beautiful spirit!

AS #3744

Adult mito & metabolic evaluation


Thank you so much for your help, care and expertise! I do not know how I would cope with the EDS challenges that I face and without your guidance. I can feel absolutely despondent as my attempts to take action in finding help for my EDS are met with mountains of oblivion. You provide me with hope and direction alleviates these feelings. I am beyond grateful that you have dedicated your life and profound knowledge to helping patients like me. Your contributions are indispensable.

ET #3530

EDS patient


I’ve been seeing Dr. Kendall for several years. One thing I’ve learned about being this ill over the years it’s how pivotal the relationship is with your doctors. This has been quite the journey. And since the first day she became my doctor she has walked beside me on this journey. It’s not easy to maintain that level of medical excellence year after year. But Dr. Kendall does that. As does her wonderful support staff! If you are wondering if this experience will be what you have come to expect from doctors you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for giving me such dignity and compassion during my disease management. It is greatly appreciated!

SW #1820

Adult mito evaluation


Thank you so much Dr. Kendall and Mike! It was a huge relief to be listened to and to have my pain taken seriously. It was amazing to talk to someone who is as knowledgeable and up to date on information as Dr. Kendall, and getting my questions answered gave me a lot of peace of mind. I remember anxiously reading other people’s testimonials before the appointment and wondering if I would walk away from the experience feeling as hopeful as they did, and I’m happy to say that the answer is yes!

SS #2306

Adult EDS evaluation and diagnosis


I want to express my grateful appreciation for my appointment on X in which you, Dr. Kendall, answered every single question I had which was a long list!   Thank you for your patience and helpful, expert answers. Also, a thank you for calling and sending the sedation and anesthesia protocol for mito patients on very short notice. The care and compassion exhibited by you is very soothing. Your help is wonderful. With a thankful heart,

LB #2902

Adult Mito for ongoing management


Dr. Kendall, Thank you so much for listening to all I had to say, but also searching for answers and for solutions with me. You are one of a kind when it comes to doctors being fully understanding and having your best interest in mind. Thank you for that. Couldn’t do it without you on my team

NZ #7545

Adult EDS for ongoing management


I just want to thank you again for your consult, info, & care. Words cannot express how grateful I am to know these random problems I have are not in my head!!

CT #3464

Adult EDS evaluation and diagnosis


In my last message, I completely forgot to say THANK YOU! Your diagnosis has absolutely saved my life. Since our meeting, I was able to detect and head off a rectal prolapse, and get my dangerously high heart rate under control!!!! I showed you photos of my brother. He has also been able to be treated for a floppy esophageal sphincter, which is what caused my father's fatal cancer. Your unique expertise is going to save generations of my family members. I have reached out to all 52 of my first cousins on the Ehlers Danlos side, and so many of them are responding with symptoms and will be able to get the help they need. So, THANK YOU!

EB #5175

Adult Mito & EDS evaluation and diagnosis


There are no words that could possibly convey the heartfelt appreciation we feel for Dr. Kendall and her invaluable work!! For years we've struggled to advocate for our little girl, swimming against the tide, trying to find someone with her expertise to make "heads or tails" of our daughter's very complex medical issues. Thank you Dr. Kendall for connecting the dots and above all bringing professional VALIDITY to her symptoms. You've been our "lifesaver in a sea of confusion". THANK YOU for your wonderful disposition. For talking to us and not just at us. THANK YOU, to you and your staff for getting up everyday and finding the strength and energy to make life better for your patients! You truly are our ray of hope!

NS #7477

KBG syndrome with mito related symptoms


I have been seeing Dr Kendall for several years now. I was no different than the rest of you out there and if you are reading this you are in the same boat. I have been treated so badly by so many doctors that I have seen that frankly it seemed easier to just stop trying and avoid doctors all together. It is terrifying to know you are ill yet have someone tell you it’s all in your head. I felt powerless. So I will tell you that she is different. Day and night different. She is not afraid to take on the uglier aspects of the unknown for so many of us. She is meticulous and her process from start to finish is perfect. From the second you contact the office, use the patient portal or do remote or in person visits it is very user friendly and most importantly consistent. But as with all the folks who need to see her you must take a deep breath and understand that these mystery illnesses can take a long time before they are clear so it’s a process on the patients part as well. I’ve never met a more thorough Doctor in my life. And I’ve seen many over the years. When I see her I feel respected, have my dignity intact and even though we may not be certain what is going on she always does something to at least make me more comfortable. If you get to see her you are a very lucky individual for sure. A heartfelt thanks for all you do Dr Kendall and team.

SW #4000

Adult mito evaluation


Thank you so much for giving me the answers I have needed for 50+years. My visit with you was truly life changing. Although I was tired and didn't really show my gratitude, I want you to know how important having a confident diagnosis is to me. It didn't change the physical symptoms, but it lifted such an emotional weight off me.

LM #7437

EDS diagnosis


On January 3 my life changed forever - I met Dr. Fran Kendall. Dr. Kendall evaluated ALL of my symptoms. Her thorough History Questionnaire is a crucial component of the appointment. I found myself listing information from my childhood that I had no idea would be relevant. Dr. Kendall reviewed all of the information I provided – no symptom was too small to list and every detail was important. At my first appointment with her, she went over my symptoms and medical history with me. She tested my hypermobility (without getting grossed out). In just a one-and-a-half-hour appointment, she did what no other doctor could do. She diagnosed me with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). From there, she wrote me referrals for further diagnostic testing based upon my symptoms. Dr. Kendall was very intelligent, confident, and did an excellent job of explaining the importance of the tests she ordered. She was kind and patient with me as I processed all of this new information. At the time, I didn’t fully comprehend the prevalence of comorbidities among the hEDS population. Despite being only 34 years old, my DEXAscan declared me osteopenic and a moderate fracture risk, while my brain MRI reported benign intracranial pressure. Dr. Kendall doesn’t order any testing that she doesn’t consider medically necessary. She cares about her patients and individualizes a proper treatment plan accordingly. As of today, I have been Dr. Kendall’s patient for exactly one month. I now have a medical team consisting of one primary care manager and five specialists (including Dr. Kendall). We are still accomplishing testing and evaluations to manage my hEDS. I have joined an EDS support group. My group is absolutely amazed at what Dr. Kendall has helped me to accomplish in such a short time. If not for Dr. Kendall’s evaluation and continuous support through this process, I would not be receiving the care that I need. She has been a blessing to our family. I can’t thank her enough for the time she has dedicated to helping me through this process.

MT #7372

EDS evaluation


Thank you so much Dr Kendall for your prompt response. You are a star and you are truly a rock of strength and support for all us mito patients.

MB #2496

Adult mito diagnosis


We were very fortunate to be referred to Dr Kendall by our GI doctor after our infant's his Failure-to-Thrive diagnosis. At that point we had seen many other doctors and were frustrated for answers. She was very thorough in both gathering his health history and ordering additional tests - including exome sequencing that the local university geneticist was not going to order for another year. We are grateful to her for providing his overarching diagnosis. The diagnosis will greatly improved his care plan. I highly recommend her to those with suspected genetic multi-system disorders. She is thoughtful, thorough and efficient.

WD #6268

Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome


Please pass to Dr. Kendall she provided more information and therapy options than I've received since 1998!

LG #5135

Physician under a mito evaluation


I can't put into words how thankful I am that I stepped out in faith that my insurance would cover my appointment and committed to coming in! I have so much admiration and appreciation for you! For the first time ever, I have HOPE that I might find a correct diagnosis! I know that I am in good hands and I wish that I would have been able to follow through back in 2012 to visit. So thank you again for accepting me as your patient!

JD #2592

Mito & EDS evaluation


Looking for a second opinion about some results and a diagnosis of our daughter of which we had doubts, we found Dr. Fran Kendall and her staff. After the first consultation, in which she does a complete analysis of our child's medical history and explaining us clearly about her perception, she made the recommendations to follow a protocol in our case. Soon after, a hurricane that we had never lived in my country PR, Hurricane Maria, arrived to our area. The damage has been so severe that even today, months later, we are getting up from that situation. We lost communication for a few weeks and still her team continued to work on our case without us knowing. They did non stop efforts to help us obtain an accurate diagnosis and at the same time aspire to a treatment indicated for our girl. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Fran Kendall, Michael Kendall, and the GeneDX staff, (specially Dave) for all the efforts made to reach an accurate diagnosis. Thank you for the treatment, the sensitivity and for making your services available to us. I recommend to anyone who needs a safe answer about any genetic condition and treatment protocol to follow. Always grateful. 

NT #4966

International remote consult


Dr. Kendall is unlike any doctor I've ever been to! She changed my perception about doctors and has given me hope again! She comes out to look for you at your appointment time. So many questions I've had my whole life were answered just in the 90 minute session. Found out about other conditions I had absolutely no idea about and she was able to assist me in getting the right help from other doctors that are actually educated in rare conditions. Invisible illnesses ARE a thing and validation is everything from the right doctor! I highly recommend her! The chairs in her office and waiting room are also comfortable. Being comfortable means everything to a chronic pain patient! Thank you Dr. Kendall!

MW #6220

Adult with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Words can not express the gratitude we have for Dr. Kendall. Dr. Kendall's knowledge & expertise is so very helpful in steering us in the right direction to keep our precious jewel as healthy as possible. We affectionately call Dr. Kendall our light house helping light the way through this brutal disease. Dr. Kendall brings fresh insight & intricate detail into what our daughter needs. VMP Genetics is truly a blessing. Thank you again for such wonderful care. We will always be grateful for Dr. Kendall & her compassionate care. Sincerely..

JC #4372

Mother of a daughter with a chromosome duplication


Please tell Dr. Kendall THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for suggesting X. When I went up to X mg/day, it absolutely CHANGED my life! I finally have some energy again and can finally function enough most days to get through the day! Because I feel so much better, I feel like such a better wife, mother, and employee. I can drive now without fear of nodding off at the wheel, and I'm no longer having to take naps at work! I'm hoping this will last.

KM #5094

Adult mito evaluation


After researching local geneticists, I ultimately chose Dr. Kendall. As my appointment day neared, I only felt more confident that I'd chosen the right doctor. Prior to seeing Dr. Kendall, I was undiagnosed for THIRTEEN years. I also had no health insurance and no income during most of that time. I was in no position to deal with more obstacles, missteps, and unhelpful doctors. I was ready for a diagnosis. Within minutes of sitting down in her office, Dr. Kendall noticed symptoms that no other doctor had ever mentioned in over a decade. She was kind, humble, professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. She assessed me, but she did not judge me. She was the only medical professional who was willing to dig deeper, think critically, and change my life.

I can never thank her enough. She also connected me with additional tools and solutions that will continue to help me as I navigate my journey. Dr. Kendall is hands-down, by far the best doctor I have ever met. Dr. Kendall has shown me that there are medical professionals who are on your side. There are medical professionals who are trustworthy, who go the extra mile, and who deserve more praise than any of her patients could ever give her. I recommend her to anyone who needs a diagnosis. She is the gold standard. I will never be able to thank her enough for her efforts.

DB #4932

Adult with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


I just want to say that I feel deeply privileged to be able to see Dr Kendall. Like many, I was at the end of my tether, battling to get through each day and getting worse over time. I had resigned myself to a lifetime of struggling an unseen foe. When I did see Dr Kendall, she was understanding, caring and really wanted to help. She is clearly an expert in her field who will not allow a bunch of strange symptoms and test results to confuse her. In the past, like many, I was passed off and sent home with painkillers and antidepressants because doctors don't know how to help me. I want you to know that if you are looking for help and are afraid, don't be, because Dr Kendall will listen to everything. There's is point where you're no longer doing this for yourself alone, but for your children, who need you not to give up. Dr Kendall won't give up on you either.

SP #4638

Adult mitochondrial evaluation


After many years of looking for answers it was great going to a physician who not only is very knowledgeable, but also knew more about my history before the appointment than my primary doctor of 8 years knows. Excellent care given! 

CB #5083
Adult with  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Just a few lines to give you a heart felt THANK YOU! After the testing confirmed your suspicion of autonomic dysfunction and my having the opportunity to talk with Dr. Xxxxxx I felt validated. He got it, really got what I was experiencing on a daily basis. You picked up on this within ten minutes of my initial office visit with you. I am astounded. I have seen so many doctors and none of them picked up on this. Thank you SO much!

TM #4700

Adult with a family history of mitochondrial disease


We were incredibly pleased with our visit and got more answers from this one appointment than we had in the 23 months X has been alive. We are excited to have Dr Kendall as part of our team and can’t wait to see how much better X’s overall care is with our new protocols. Thanks again for all that you guys do.

AG #5117

Mother of daughter under mito evaluation


Dr. Kendall is very patient, kind, thorough and dedicated. She's extremely knowledgeable and was completely prepared for my appointment. It's obvious that she genuinely cares about her patients and enjoys her profession. Becoming a patient of Dr. Kendall's was one of the best decisions I've made for my health and well-being. She gave me the answers and peace of mind I needed. I'm very happy with the outcome of my appointment and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kendall to others. My husband joined me at my appointment and echoes my endorsement.

YL #4748

Adult mitochondrial evaluation


My sincerest gratitude to Dr Kendall for her very unique and compassionate expertise, she is truly the most capable intelligent Physician for the extremely complicated patient. We are very blessed to have her invaluable advice for our daughter. Kindest regards from Ireland.

EN #4532

International remote consult 


As with probably all of Dr. Kendall's patients, I have a complex medical history. Local doctors do not have the level of expertise with mitochondrial disorders that I needed. I am so grateful that Dr. Kendall makes herself available for those around the country (and around the world!) by means of remote appointments. I appreciated the time she took to review all of my medical records, and her expert guidance will be invaluable to my local team of doctors. In addition to offering thoughts on issues of diagnosis and testing, Dr. Kendall also provided treatment suggestions for my most bothersome symptoms. She was understanding and patient with my questions and concerns. Her typed summary of our discussion was comprehensive and prompt. Thank you, Dr. Kendall!

SM #4614

Remote adult under evaluation


I just wanted to send a thank you note to Dr. Kendall and the team. I've been through a lot of mito/GI complications recently and I don't think I would have been able to navigate and manage my care without the backup of her records and recommendations. The connection with supportive services has already been invaluable. I have had many great doctors who have benefitted from her recommendations and even reached out to Dr. Kendall. Even with those doctors who refused to believe that mito physiology doesn't follow the normal rules, and tried to do things backwards, having Dr. Kendall's voice in the back of my head helped me advocate for what I needed. Besides her extensive knowledge, Dr. Kendall has also brought a great deal of compassion and common sense to our conversations.  I am so grateful to have her in my life.

CM #4034

Adult under evaluation for a mitochondrial disease


Dr Kendall has given my son hope but at the same time is honest and up front about his condition. My son and I have seen so many different doctors, sometimes being shrugged off. For a teenager to be dismissed by a doctor is devastating. My son became depressed and stopped telling me when he was hurting or having new symptoms. The day we walked into Dr Kendall's clinic we were welcomed, she was well informed with all of his medical history, talked to my son and me directly, and really changed my son's life. He was talking to her and telling her of all of his symptoms and she was giving him explanations of why his body was reacting this way. We still do not have an exact diagnosis but are working on that. In the meantime she has given us resources and a plan. Before seeing Dr Kendall he was so sick but no one was listening and I felt like a bad mother for not being able to help. After seeing Dr Kendall (twice now) and it is a six hour drive, we have hope- he is going to college and now has dreams and goals. He is learning to deal with "crashes" and reserve his energy for the things he wants to do unlike before it was a downward spiral because he did not know what was happening to his body. As well, my son has a wonderful pediatrician and is accepting of the advice of Dr Kendall. That is crucial in the management of his health. To parents who are thinking of taking their sick child to her, please do. Just give her a chance as she is amazing! I realize some children may not have an outcome like my son as some may receive devastating news but if anyone can help your child to the best of their ability and as their health allows, it is her. One thought is having a funds set up for parents that are unable to pay to see her (uninsured or underinsured) I wish every child could have the opportunity to meet her if they needed her. Thanks again for caring and giving my son life again.

CW #4341

Young adult under evaluation for a connective tissue disease


Very good experience. The care and counseling I received were both professional and compassionate. Dr. Kendall was knowledgeable in my history, symptoms, and treatment. When my visit was completed I was well informed about my medications, testing and expectations. Thank you. I no longer feel as if I am in the dark.

CC #4462

Adult with a Mitochondrial Disorder


I've been seeing Dr. Kendall for over a year now for a complex diagnosis which consists of a mast cell, myopathy and mitochondrial component which could be secondary or not. The difference in seeing her is that she has been by my side since she became my doctor. She has not left me in the lurch because my disease, my body doesn't fit into a cookie cutter diagnosis. Being in medical limbo has been terrifying in today's medical arena. I see 13 doctors. None are doing for me what she is doing. She encompasses the true meaning of "Doctor". You will never meet a more understanding, compassionate or passionate defender of your patient rights. Having a difficult or even possibly impossible disease to diagnose is just as hard on the Doctor as it is on the patient at times. Be can and will be a long journey. Just know that she will be beside you. If you need her or her staff, they are there for you. They respond to your needs amazingly fast considering she is now one of only a few remaining Mito doc's available to the population. My deepest gratitude for Dr Kendall and her teams efforts on my behalf to give me a better quality of life.


Adult under investigation


I was very pleased with the way Dr. Kendall treated me. She was more than I expected. Dr. Kendall listened intently to what I had to say. She let me tell my story and made me feel like it was very important to her. She made sure to ask me about any questions I had and to answer them. I think this is the start of a very good relationship.

TM #4550
Adult evaluation with family history of mitochondrial disease

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to Dr. Kendall. I just had my follow-up with her and as always am just immensely grateful for her knowledge, her advice, her care. She has been one of my very best assets as a chronically ill or medically interesting patient. She just amazes me as a physician and I really appreciate all she does for me and her other patients. With much respect - and best regards

 JC #4503

Adult with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome


I would like to thank Dr. Kendall for her professionalism, knowledge, and compassion regarding my mitochondrial illness. She is honest and patient in answering my questions. I appreciate this very much and look forward to having her be a part of new breakthroughs for myself and the mitochondrial community.

MB #2636
Adult with a Mitochondrial Disorder

The remote appointment was very helpful because Dr Kendall was well prepared, having reviewed my notes before the consultation, and she had constructive ideas about other possible treatments that could help. I found that she had a wide knowledge of the various conditions that I have. With many thanks.

OF #4439
International Remote Consult

Dr. Kendall and her staff made choosing VMP easy. From the start I was treated, not like a diagnosis, but as a whole person, a mom, and a wife. The comfortable family atmosphere and their attentiveness made me feel like I was their only patient and their entire purpose for doing what they do. I was given hope that no matter what the tests show, they would walk with me every step of my journey and give 100% effort to making my quality of life, and that of my family's, the best it could possibly be. They make a great team from intelligence in their line of work to compassion and follow through. My life has been richer from the moment I called. Thank you VMP - you're the best! 

NC #4398
Adult under evaluation for Mitochondrial Disease and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

This past March, my husband and I took our 4 year old son to Dr. Kendall. Being in the Dallas metroplex, we have access to several major children's hospitals and yet we flew from Texas to Georgia because of the high recommendations we had been given. That trip was the best decision we have made for our son's health!! Dr. Kendall's approach is one on one with meticulous listening skills that enables her to gather all the medical history. She did not discount anything we told her. She actually listened to everything we said and then with her medical expertise and training knew what tests to start with asap. She also on the very first visit was able to work with his Mitochondrial supplements and within two weeks we already saw a big improvement. Communication from her office is so fast you will be amazed. After our follow up appointment, I emailed her office to see about getting a local referral and a school note. I literally had everything waiting for me in my inbox when I woke up the next morning. The wait time with our usual doctors is weeks and that's after asking several times. Not with Dr. Kendall!!! I just wish we could use Dr. Kendall for everything related to my son.....she's that wonderful. I urge all parents that have been down a really tough rough with your little one to go see Dr. Kendall. I promise, you will leave feeling just like we do!! Thank you so much Dr. Kendall!!!

WG #4219
Child under investigation for a metabolic or mitochondrial disorder


What a night and day difference from other doctors! Dr. Kendall is in a class of her own with her extensive knowledge base and her compassion for patients. She recognizes what is going on in her patients' bodies and the effect illness has on our lives. I traveled from the West Coast of the U.S. for an appointment with Dr. Kendall, and it was the best thing I have ever done. She poured over my medical history. During my first exam and appointment with her, she recognized symptoms that other doctors have failed to diagnose/refused to acknowledge for years. Now I am actually getting treatment! Everyone in the office seems genuinely invested in patient well being - they are responsive and kind, and they are strong patient advocates (so far she and Mike have helped me fight red-tape for my work, insurance for labs, and local laboratory itself - and it's only been a couple of weeks). Dr. Kendall has far more (rare specialty) training than most doctors in the United States. I showed some of the information from my appointment to a local doctor who shrugged and said, "It's Greek to me!" Other doctors simply aren't equipped to handle these kinds of diseases, and most aren't willing admit it (many won't even refer you on). Dr. Kendall was recommended to me by an Advocate with the Organic Academia Association. I don't have words to match my gratitude toward Dr. Kendall - she listened and is looking for answers, she is treating my symptoms with things that make sense, she affirmed my experience to my family (and myself, for that matter), and she gave me back the ability to look doctors and other skeptics in the eye with confidence. We are still in the early stages of pinning down a specific diagnosis, but regardless of where this road leads, the validation I received in their office has changed my life for the better.

KH #4235
Young adult under investigation


I've been seeing Dr Kendall for about 9 months. She has continued to provide compassionate common sense medicine. Although my diagnosis is not 100% and both my clinical presentation and genetic testing are cloudy she continues to work with me to help my quality of life. I've met so many doctors and frankly have been treated badly. But rest your fears... You will not be treated badly with Dr Kendall and her husband. There are no words to express my gratitude for their work on my behalf.

SW #4000
Adult under investigation


Dr. Kendall came highly recommended to me, through an online community. At first, I was hesitant to make the trip to Atlanta, since the visit would be out-of-pocket. But, after my phone call to their clinic, I was convinced that it would be worthwhile. While waiting for my visit, I compiled a list of questions. But, when I sat down with her, she answered most, before I had the opportunity to ask them. It amazed me just how much she knew about my symptoms. All of the blood work that she ordered was covered by my insurance, but the initial DNA test cost around $250 (including the special shipping requirements). The DNA test results played a key role in gaining a clearer view to my illness. To attain an "official" diagnosis, an expensive exome test would need to be performed, but my insurance doesn't cover it. At this time, I have forgone the option, but Dr. Kendall was able to provide documents which assure proper treatment in cases of emergency. I've already begun my customized Mito Cocktail and have seen some results! The bottom line is ... it will cost money and time to get your diagnosis and recommendations, but in the end, it is priceless!

JH #4049
Adult with presumed mitochondrial disease and Medicare


I really appreciate the combination of your thoroughness and promptness in your work; VMP shines like a cheering star in the otherwise too-often darkly clouded and foggy world of rare disease care! Overflowing thanks to you and your husband for dedicated teamwork in building your business committed to giving stellar service to rare disease patients! I hope more and more healthcare companies serving all specialties will begin following models like VMP's so that every patient can have care like yours and Mike's.

RS #3859
Adult with mitochondrial disease


I love how Dr Kendall took the time to go over everything with me on what could be going on with my daughter, she is the only doctor that has sat down and took the time to LISTEN to us and EXPLAIN everything that is going on and what it possibly could be, i love how personable Dr Kendall is and that she takes great pride and care in her patients!

JB #4676

Teenager with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Every July, I make my yearly visit to see Dr. Fran Kendall. I look forward to this appointment, because she is the best doctor I have ever had! She gives me encouragement and hope each year. I ALWAYS learn new things about my disease. She is extremely knowledgable and she listens to what you have to say. She genuinely cares about her patients. Dr. Kendall is one TOP-NOTCH doctor and I highly recommend her to anyone with a Mitochrondrial Disease. Where else can you every find a doctor that will spend one full hour of quality time with you. I can not thank Dr. Kendall enough for all she has done for me. 

LT #2507
Retired adult with mtDNA deletion


Thank you so so much for your extremely thoughtful and detailed report. I am so overwhelmed by your commitment to help my daughter. I never imagined my initial email (a plea for help) would be so kindly met by a phone call from Michael and now hope. You are the only Doctor in years (aside from her primary care giver, who is at a loss as to what is ailing My daughter), who has seen my daughter as a whole person who is actually physically ill and truly suffering, instead of as a psychiatric patient. She was treated with dignity and compassion. Dr.Kendall your knowledge and expertise is very comforting. I finally feel like we are in good hands while testing is being conducted for mitochondrial disease and or other possible metabolic disorders. I do want you to know that at the moment I never expected to receive such a detailed report from you. I was speechless during the phone call taking in all the detailed information you so expertly provided and likewise once again, by your report!! Thank you Thank you

JM #4044
Young adult under evaluation for mito or metabolic issue


Adult patient with suspected mito I've seen a lot of doctors over the years. And although they did the best they could, the current standard medical practice just let's folks with complex medical issues fall through the cracks. I had given up on finding treatment to make my quality of life better when I came across mitoaction. It was there that I came across Dr Kendall. I read the great patient reviews . I went into this with no expectations. From the first contact I was treated with respect and dignity. This is not any type of medical practice that you have been to before. Dr Kendall and her husband are a great team and took care of everything. They are amazing at responding to my questions and concerns. My records were actually read and used to look at the long history of issues. I did not scare her off with all my medical issues so I could finally tell the whole story and not hold back for fear of overwhelming the Dr. Her treatment plan is a common sense approach that has improved my quality of life. As a former nurse practitioner I feel I've finally found a provider that can work with me on this difficult journey. Her values on how medicine and patients should be treated are wonderful and I could never thank them enough for their contribution to my health and well being.

SW #4000
Adult under evaluation


Thank you so much for the professional and long notes. You did a fabulous job and I am so glad we went to you. You and Mike are very empathetic, kind, caring, and professional. Thank you so much for your selfless work as you went above and beyond empathizing and encouraging me and us with your talk that uplifted me when I felt so broken and ashamed , not of my son but of this devastating stigmatized illness that he has. You are so kind, knowledgeable and professional even when you were not feeling good with a cold. You are patient and listen as well as give knowledgeable info in lay terms to describe disease processes such as mitochondrial and peroxisome diseases. We feel it was well worth the trip from Florida. Mike is wonderful too and handled my mentally disabled son very well and was very kind as you were also. Mike and you made us feel relaxed and you listened. Thank you and God bless your work as I can see you truly care for your patients and helping people that are ill.

MHR #3981
Mother of a son being evaluated


We want to thank Dr. Kendall for the patience she proved in listening our questions. We are from Europe (Romania) and, for now, we had just one Skype appointment with Dr. Kendall, being helped by an English teacher. We spent a very useful hour in the company of a really professional doctor. She had an answer for any question we asked. Thanks to Dr. Kendall, we now know our next steps for the good of our son. Thank you Dr. Kendall !

AC #3913
International Remote Child with Mitochondrial Disease

We would like to express our sincere thanks for everything you and your office have done for our daughter. Your practice is unique and fit our needs perfectly. We live over 4 hours from the nearest children's hospital so having the ability to communicate remotely with a top metabolic specialist is truly invaluable. Like many of your patients, her case has not been straight forward or simple. But you were able to lay out all the possible scenarios and differential diagnoses so that we have a clear picture of what we are dealing with and most importantly, how to proceed from here. My husband and I are both health care professionals and we have never been involved in a more productive consult appointment than we had with you. Because medical records and labs were reviewed prior to our appointment we did not spend the majority of the time giving a history as is the case with most consults. This made all the difference because we spent over an hour going over the details and getting your impressions, opinions, and recommendations. Your knowledge of mitochondrial and metabolic medicine is second to none and your willingness to stay current in a field that is changing quickly does not go unnoticed. You have provided us with the tools to treat what is currently in front of us and prevent future crises to the best of our abilities. We strongly recommend your practice to anyone needing expertise in metabolic and/or mitochondrial medicine. Nothing is more important than the health of our child and we are honored to have you as a vital part of our health care team.

AK #2846
Daughter under evaluation

I wanted to thank you for our appointment last week. At a time when people aren't focused on customer service, you are the exception. Regardless of the questions we asked, you were very patient with us to ensure we felt listened too. I appreciate the time you spent with us sharing your expertise. I forget to share with you that my voice is close to normal again after years of losing it by mid-day. I know my symptoms are no where near some of the patients you see, especially the children, but I want you to know your help has changed my life. I was seriously considering leaving my job, due to the weakness in so many areas. Your expertise and guidance and care has given me back my quality of life. Thank you again, you are my hero! 

SC #2200
Adult being evaluated and managed


Please tell Dr. Kendall thank you, thank you, thank you for the prescription for the headache medicine.  In the over 5 years I've been dealing with this mess... she is the first doctor that has suggested anything for my headaches. Its been amazing these last few days to go through a day without a headache!!  I can handle a day so much easier.  Yes, it stinks that the rest of my body hurts but its amazing how I can concentrate easier on my workday without the glaring headache. While I hope and pray we find other answers.. something so "simple" has been a great breakthrough for me.

HJ #2809
Adult being evaluated


We recently visited Dr. Fran Kendall with our daughter who suffers from mitochondrial disease. In one visit and a few emails we experienced more understanding of her health issues and more attention to her needs than the 10 plus years doctoring with other "mitochondrial" specialists. We have for the first time in our daughter's life felt the weight of confusion lifted from our shoulders,a much better understanding, and a feeling of seeing a doctor who really cares for our child as a person. Her quick and understandable responses help us more than we have ever experienced anywhere. We cannot thank her enough, and are grateful for everyday that we have our daughter in her care.

NB #2725
Mother of a daughter being evaluated


My phone appointment with Dr. Kendall definitely exceeded my expectations. Dr. Kendall is more knowledgeable than any other doctor I've ever had. A neurologist I was referred to last year (before I found out about Dr. Kendall) laughed when I asked him if I could have mitochondrial disease. He said that only children can have that. And so to have found a doctor like Dr. Kendall who is extremely knowledgeable about mitochondrial medicine and other genetic disorders was a tremendous relief. I feel that I'm finally on the right track now. None of the doctors I've seen in the past knew much or anything about mitochondrial medicine, and so I'm very happy to have found Dr. Kendall. !

DB #1234
Adult second opinion


Please convey to Dr. Kendall my sincere appreciation for the expertise, thoroughness and compassion she brought to the completion of the paperwork she was asked to fill out, as part of my application for Social Security Disability.  During my follow-up appointment last month, Dr. Kendall carefully reviewed the changes in my health and asked many detailed questions.  She is an expert advocate for her patients.  I was just awarded these disability benefits (The entire process taking only five months to complete) and it brings me great comfort and relief, at a time when I am otherwise very sick.  I am grateful to Dr. Kendall for her kindness and care as my doctor. 

SA #2420
Adult with Mitochondrial Disease 


Thanks so much to Dr. Kendall for her help and dedication to support us who have difficulties finding adequate medical support for our children's rare medical condition! (located in Bulgaria). Dr Kendall is the specialist who had provided answers to our questions, broadened our horizons and gived us hope informing about successful trials with EPI743! Now we know what should be our daily treatment, diet, exercises etc. Also now is clear what to do and tell the doctors in case of emergency. It's great that there are such nice persons as Dr. Kendall and her husband!

JM #2602
International, child with Leigh Disease


We are so happy that Dr. Kendall has such a fabulous school protocol that we could share. The school is taking it all very seriously and wants to switch her from a 504 Plan to an IEP "other health impaired," which is even better. This is all because of your protocol !

RMK #2357
Mother of a daughter being evaluated

I am safe at home and absolutely shocked. I looked up the Ehlers-Danlos that Dr. Kendall briefly mentioned as one potential dx and I was blown away by how well that fit. I was really shocked. I don't know what else to say, except that this will be an interesting journey. I am so lucky that Dr. Kendall was willing to see me. For the first time after several months of absolute confusion and inability to find a way to show how things could possibly be related, I am feeling more hopeful regarding finding a better explaination for this utterly incomprehensable symptoms that affect me, as well as my children. Thank you so much for seeing me, I am very grateful.

DM #2417
Mother with 2 possible children affected


I traveled to Georgia to visit Dr Kendall who specializes in Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disorders. I was apprehensive about trying, once again, to find someone who was knowledgeable about Mitochondrial disease. From the moment my appointment began with Dr. Fran Kendall, I knew this was going to be a different experience and I had come to the right place.

Dr. Kendall spoke in terms that I could understand.  She even drew illustrations of Mitochondrial and how they function in the cells. I learned more about my disease in one hour, than I have known since I was diagnosed ten years ago. She understood the physical and emotional challenges of my disease. Dr. Kendall gave me suggestions and guidelines to better manage my disease, conserve energy, exercise, and eat better foods. She prescribed a compound medication for the Mito Cocktail, thus eliminating taking hands-full of medications and vitamins. Dr. Kendall also prescribed a compound cream to help elevate the pain in my muscles, that is affecting my ability to sleep at night. Dr. Kendall listened to me and was able to answer all my many questions. She just made me feel so at ease.

Dr. Kendall KNOWS this disease and understands the struggles you are going through. Her husband Michael runs the office and he is highly skilled with gathering all the necessary paper work for patients. He explains insurance coverage and answers all of your questions. He is very thorough, and you just could not ask for a more pleasant experience.

By the time I arrived home, there were already all sorts of fantastic articles sent to me on the computer. One to give to surgeons before you have surgery, another for the anesthesiologist’s. I also received a great resource guide. One week from my appointment, all my paper work/forms were sent to me filled out and ready for insurance companies and lab testing. My clinical report was sent to all my local physicians.

It is extremely difficult to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about this disease. Well this visit was beyond my expectations. Dr. Kendall not only has a vast understanding of the disease, she demonstrates that she genuinely cares about her patients and helping them. I left her office with so much hope and encouragement. I can not thank Dr. Kendall enough.

LT #2507
Retired Adult with Mitochondrial Disease

We deal with an enormous volume of physicians and medical folks with our medical circus, all of which we like and appreciate almost as family. This circus has gone on for 14 years and I have never encountered any office as efficient as you....and (no sexism intended) you are a MAN !! It just cracks me up, makes my day and makes me smile. If this is how things are from 3,000 miles away I can't imagine how we will be treated in person. We are so very thankful to be coming to visit you and Dr. Kendall soon!

Mother and 9 affected children 

Thanks for all the information and hard work!!! Thanks again for the great care you and Dr. Kendall gave our boys :)

Mother of three boys 

For everyone who is thinking about seeing Dr. Kendall, do it! saw her may 11 I have been in contact with her via email numours times & always promt with return With in 2 days of leaving her office I had hospital protocol(which has helped) perscriptions & everything I needed to know where the next steps we were going were I HAVE TO SAY SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER She is truely one special person. I can't leave out her husband Mike as I have had emails from him as well. The time he takes to help each patient, even when he is not the doctor is remarkable. When he called to learn more about me,&was on the phone with him for over an hour.he was truly concerned, and while being the the office he took the time to tell me where to go to meet more people my age in my area who are going through the same things as me. He also gave us some travel tips. They both are amazing people. My life has changed since them Thank you Dr. Kendall, and Mike.

Young adult being evaluated

I am an adult in my sixty’s. As long as I can remember, I have experienced physical changes which have challenged evaluating physicians. Diagnoses have been made that just didn’t seem to fit my situation. Also the consistent inaccuracy of some doctors has made me very apprehensive of seeing new doctors. Having relocated, it became necessary to leave very supportive doctors and find replacements for them. Internet searches lead me to Virtual Medical Practice, LLC and I made an appointment.

By the time I saw Dr. Kendall, I was inordinately calm. My comfort and trust level increased as I went through the intake process. I received a friendly informative phone call from her office. Pre appointment paperwork and instructions came via email. I read her website and Facebook page. Dr. Kendall’s total person approach, mitochondrial disorder knowledge and the care and respect she has for her patients as people is apparent.

From the very start of the appointment, it was obvious that Dr. Kendall was well prepared, having read and studied everything I had provided prior to the appointment. My appointment was informative and reassuring. I left with a plan of action for more specific diagnosis and treatment, and the security of ongoing maintenance care. I was provided information about available support groups and encouraged to participate. Follow up report, insurance information, and laboratory tests instructions arrived via secure email just days post my appointment. I am so appreciative that my quests for mitochondrial support lead me to Dr. Kendall.

Adult being evaluated

I wanted to thank you for creating the best and most efficient office process, not to mention environment. Folks have been checking in with us all weekend, some from the "myopathy" world and some just good friends and family - they all have said that they have never seen me this relieved after an appointment. It is the truth, we honestly feel like you guys are the first we have found that not only have the expertise to help guide us, but true passion and obvious concern to provide the best care possible. The usual process with a new specialist is me preparing to do battle, doing battle, losing the battle and coming home very frustrated and at times angry!

Our daughter cried. Good tears. It really shocked her that Dr. Kendall just "got" it. She said it was amazing that just knowing what the diagnosis is for certain, and that we have your office to lead her in the right direction she isn't as scared. She is well aware that her path in this world won't be the average one, but then we never raised our daughters to think for a second that they were average. My husband and I have to face certain realities about what we need to do to prepare her for life as an Adult - and finding both of you to guide her medical needs was a crucial step. I wrote to Abby's Nephrologist and Neurologist- despite their initial reservations they have stuck with Abby and have taken the brunt of my frustrations with good grace. They are both so relieved that we brought Abby to you and Dr. Kendall. Especially the Neph - I think she feels a bit like we did, wandering in the dark a bit and worried how is she would treat our daughter’s if her kidneys get worse. She feels far more comfortable now that she knows when/if difficult times come up for our daughter she has Dr. Kendall to offer expertise. Thanks too for getting all the notes and protocol back so quickly. I have never seen someone able to organize my chaos before! Not just organized but with perfect accuracy! Even my husband who was a Nuclear Engineer and nearly photogenic recall just throws his hands in the air and runs from my horrid records!. They are very good to have on hand.

Mother of a daughter with mtDNA depletion

When we came to Dr Kendall, I finally felt that I was being heard and my concerns were not being downplayed or overlooked anymore. I appreciate you guys very much for truly listening to me and for helping us try to put the pieces of my daughter's puzzle together. After coming to your office, we may not have immediate answers, but we do have affirmation that we are doing the right thing and there is a plan established now forgetting answers. Also we feel like we understand our baby (as well as her needs) better than we did before.We felt like Dr Kendall is willing to tackle our questions and give us her best possible answer rather than deferring them like other Dr's have done. Lastly we appreciate that Dr Kendall uses the least invasive tactics possible to find a diagnosis for our baby. That alone was a huge deciding factor for us in choosing which geneticist to see. Thank you Dr Kendall!

Mother of a daughter being evaluated 

When we came to Dr Kendall, I finally felt that I was being heard and my concerns were not being downplayed or overlooked anymore. I appreciate you guys very much for truly listening to me and for helping us try to put the pieces of my daughter's puzzle together. After coming to your office, we may not have immediate answers, but we do have affirmation that we are doing the right thing and there is a plan established now forgetting answers. Also we feel like we understand our baby (as well as her needs) better than we did before.We felt like Dr Kendall is willing to tackle our questions and give us her best possible answer rather than deferring them like other Dr's have done. Lastly we appreciate that Dr Kendall uses the least invasive tactics possible to find a diagnosis for our baby. That alone was a huge deciding factor for us in choosing which geneticist to see. Thank you Dr Kendall!

Mother of a daughter being evaluated 

We have found Dr. Kendall to be a very concerned and involved doctor in our son's rare illness. Anyone who has a sick child or is struggling with a rare genetic disorder should consider an appointment with Dr. Kendall. She stays on top of current trends in this medical field and you will be getting the most up to date individualized care possible.

Father of a son with Doose syndrome & complex I defect

Please let Dr Kendall know that per her instructions, I immediately changed his prescription and I have already seen improvement from just that small change. He is now posing questions rather than always letting you know what he wants non-verbally. For example, "Where is Gordon?" (the train), I found it for him and he said "Thank you". It made me very uplifted and drove the point further home that we are on the right track with his treatments. Thank you again.

Mother of a son with ASD & being evaluated

For years it's been a game of patient ping pong. Many doctors with many diagnosis's and ideas. All throwing my daughter back at the other or to someone different. The unknowing yet watching her deteriorate has been mind boggling. Then came VMP and Dr. Kendall...professional, detailed and compassionate. Finally a doctor that looked at the whole picture and based her testing etc on it. With no need for biopsies! THEN to find out that her findings and plan were sent to all of the involved doctors w/o my having to do this was such a blessing. To finally have someone to understand and seek real answers is amazing. Dr. Kendall and Mr. Kendall were more than we could have hoped for. The experience left my daughter feeling hopeful again and myself with a feeling of relief at the thought that an answer would be in the near future.

Mother of a daughter being evaluated

You guys lived up to my every desire in terms of timely communication with me, our pediatrician, and our specialists. It is so rare for a doctor to pick up the phone and speak with other specialists just to get a better understanding of the patients up front and Dr. Kendall did that for us. I am thrilled that for the first time, we have communication with our main specialists and it puts my mind such at ease to know that they have and will continue to speak and collaborate on our children's care.

Mother of a son with a Mitochondrial Disorder plus 2 children being evaluated

We are in process of ruling out metabolic/mito. Your website has some of the best information available to parents on the internet. Your newsletters covered a great deal of information in a no nonsense approach-much appreciated.

Mother of a daughter being evaluated
(website vistor)

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Dr. Kendall for accommodating me and XXXX on our recent visit. Although we showed up on the wrong day, she was willing to see us in spite of her busy schedule. I don't know too many doctors that would be that flexible. (we were lucky it worked out, so pleaseee do not think we can do this all the time)

Also, she has a keen ability to help the patient feel at ease and is very proficient in describing complicated medical anomalies in easy-to-understand terms. We feel very fortunate to be under Dr. Kendall's care.

Mother of a son with a Mitochondrial Disorder

Virtual Medical Practice is by far the Gold Standard for Medicine. I honestly believe that every patient with a mitochondrial disease, or any metabolic problem, should be a part of this practice. After consulting with nine pediatric gastroenterologists, seven primary care pediatricians, two pediatric pulmonologists, a behavioral feeding psychiatrist, four pediatric neurologists and multiple ER attendings, we finally met Dr Kendall. That day will forever be one of the best days in our lives. She is the first doctor to really look at and digest the entire picture for our son; she and her husband treated Brandon and us with honor and respect. It is extremely clear that they understand the daily hardships we face. After a particularly difficult year, Dr Kendall immediately knew where to send us. Unlike any of the roughly 50 + doctors preceeding her, Dr Kendall has seen the terrible symptoms our son has been having. What a tremendous relief it is for us to know that a physician understands. No longer do we feel lost in our abyss of our son's suffering; she has given us hope and a direction.

Every part of the practice is perfect -  expertise, care and concern, impeccable organization; availability....everything!

Mother of a son being evaluated

If more medical practices operated this way - encouraging physicians to work together and to provide a quality of care rather than the quantity - health care in America would likely cost a lot less and produce better results.

We have consulted with numerous specialists across the US on diagnosis and available treatments. What we found during our initial contact with Dr. Kendall and throughout our consultation visit was an exceptional professional human being, who had read every document/medical record we had provided for review. Dr. Kendall carefully reviewed and has discussed the medical and surgical aspects of our daughters medical history and did so in a very compassionate, understanding way. To date, Dr. Kendall’s follow through has been remarkable, something that has been sorely lacking from numerous other providers. Not only was the staff thoroughly professional, but they also treated us with the loving care one might expect from family. Very simply, in terms of concern, spirit and compassion, based on the people I have come in contact with, your practice is in a class by itself.

When our daughters and I walked through the door and described how we felt, Dr. Kendall understood. I believe her vast clinical experience is what allows her to bring this unique understanding in the form of proven medical protocols. Through her experience and knowledge as a specialist in the field, she is able to continually develop and modify therapies and advance research. This seems like a dream come true, and one our daughters and I would not have dared to dream several weeks ago.

Numerous genetic and other blood tests have come back "normal" or “indeterminate” previously. I couldn’t find a doctor experienced in mitochondrial disease who would take our concerns specific to disease progression seriously. We now believe we have found a physician to help us with our struggles and to advocate on our behalf. Our daughters feel there is hope for renewed energy, strength, focus and the ability to live a full life, with a genetic diagnosis and modified treatment.

During the visit extensive testing was ordered to be done locally so our insurance would cover the expense, the length of the appointment was adequate, there was a specialty focus, overall treatment and management with integrated solutions were discussed, and it was clear that there is definite collaboration with researchers each vested in positive outcomes.

Dr. Kendall definitely understood our daughters conditions, she listened with real intensity, answered our questions and offered hope. When you have a disease that's incurable with a survival rate basically unchanged for several decades, you embark on research to help advance clinical care and patient outcomes. Our daughters are a huge blessing to our family. We've learned that life sometimes takes a direction that we can't control. Seeking input and care from Dr. Kendall was not a decision made lightly. Facing worsening health challenges has been the most difficult thing we have ever done as a family. But we wouldn't change a thing. We wouldn't be who and where we are today if anything had been different. Our daughters have given us great strength and Dr. Kendall has given us great hope for the future.

Mother of two daughters being evaluated
(#1878 & 1879)

I came across Dr. Kendall’s site and sent a fairly lengthy email off asking about her practice.  Within a few hours, I received a response asking for my number in order to discuss things more in detail. She was kind, patient, and thorough – completely focused on the best path for us to travel in getting our answers.  

She agreed that she felt we were on the right path (about this being related to mitochondrial disease) but she wanted me to wait on muscle biopsy as she felt we might yield answers doing less invasive testing.  I told her I had the POL-G1 testing done and was waiting on the results, and she agreed that there were a few other tests to run before we jumped to muscle biopsy.

As I was led into the exam room by her husband (he runs the practice with her), there she was, in the room already waiting for me with our medical records on the table next to her.
She was kind, sweet and prepared for what would turn out to be a marathon appointment session.

Our care with Dr. Kendall didn’t end when we left her office – before we were on the plane back to Boston, I had a standard protocol letter and some reference material sent to me via email, and within 2 weeks I had everything I needed (clinic note, PT referral for wheelchair, disability letter, specialized and individualized protocol letters).  She arranged for me to see a local GI for my issues and she also had touched base with my PCP and Sasha’s metabolic doctor.  Even though she had many other patients to coordinate care for, it felt like we were her only patients…and, while we didn’t leave with great news, we left feeling like we had the support we needed to get us moving in the right direction.

I can't say enough about Dr. Kendall or her husband - they were so wonderful, informative, and kind to us - giving us all the time we needed for our questions and understanding that the news we were receiving was not exactly easy to digest. I highly recommend her to anyone out there who is looking for a mitochondrial disease specialist and I have recommended her already several times to many of the people within the mito community who have reached out and asked if I knew of a good mito specialist. She not only offered care that was top notch, but she treated us like we were HUMAN and not just another file folder on her desk.  This is a rare quality to find within the medical community – especially when the cases are so complex, time consuming, and unique.


In the months since our meeting in Atlanta, I’ve had several incidents where I have emailed her and received immediate response, and when necessary – a phone call to discuss matters.   It again solidified the feeling that we weren’t just another ‘file’ we were worth the extra time and effort…and that we mattered

Mother and daughter being evaluated

There is absolutely no doubt that I have finally met my all time favorite doctor in Fran Kendall. When you are facing life with a complex disease, affecting multiple body systems, you need more that just a doctor or a specialist. You need an expert. Dr. Kendall is the "real deal". What total expertise blended with the most caring heart ever! Genius, humility, and love all in one precious person. You receive total care. While struggling with very difficult health issues, one needs more than just general care.

Dr. Kendall treats the complete person. She informs the mind with the skills of the  greatest professor, but with the ability to flawlessly bring the details vividly to the proper comprehension level. She reaches the spirit and the heart as well. In my visit, Dr. Kendall proved to me her deep, genuine concern. She attacked my case with passion and tenaciousness.

She will cry with you, and suffer with you. Just having that kind of true support has a vast encouraging, and healing effect. As far as the body goes, Dr. Kendall attacks the issues with the precise skills of a surgeon.

She proceeds with a care plan that is focused, and highly intelligent. She applies an orderly, step-wise game plan that aims for the highest achievable success with follow up and monitoring. Every detail is mapped out, but also in the most inexpensive, cost effective method possible. You will not be able to believe how affordable and accessible such quality care can be. Need to talk? You will be able to talk with Dr. Kendall directly.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to have the best in the world on my medical case, and to have her as a dear friend as well.

I also wish to point out what an amazing team Dr. Kendall and her husband Mike make. He also works tirelessly toward your medical care and is an integral reason why the cost and overhead are kept so low. Mike will take care of all kinds of issues for you. He would not stop helping and advising me until we were able to fight through insurance red tape and achieve in network medical benefits. Mike will keep the communications channels flowing while making new patient establishment a breeze. Even though I could have retrieved all the necessary forms and medical history details from the web site, Mike served them all up on a silver platter, in an email to me. He described, explained, and advised on what to do with each form.

Ask any question and he and Dr. Kendall will respond very promptly. Mike shares the same heart and passion with Fran for your complete care. It shows in his effort, support, expertise, and kindness. He will leave no stone unturned when it comes to assisting you in any way. It brightens my day and makes my battle easier just to see an email from Mike pop into my inbound folder. I consider him a dear friend. It is hard to stop praising Virtual Medical Practice. It is also hard to feel you have done justice, in describing the most amazing medical team and experience one could ever encounter!

Adult being evaluated

It was a refreshing change to visit your office. You are the first doctor that has treated my son and me with respect and dignity. It is evident in your bedside manner that you have a true heart for the patients and their care, as well as a strong knowledge of genetic diseases. I am also very happy to be able to communicate via Skype, internet, email, etc. What a convenience that we have not found anywhere else! We live in Wisconsin so this is a very valuable tool for us to have. We have and will continue to recommend you to others we know that are still in search of an answer. We are so happy we made the trip to Georgia. We look forward to working with you!

Mother and son being evaluated

Our experience with Dr. Kendall and the staff of Virtual Medical Practice has been nothing short of extraordinary. After 21 months of specialist after specialist, hospitalization after hospitalization, without answers but the frequent statements "there is definitely something wrong, but we just don't know what" and "your daughter should be on Mystery Diagnosis", our visit with Dr.Kendall was nothing like everything we had experienced before!

Starting prior to our visit, the staff of Virtual Medical Practice went above and beyond our expectations. When our insurance company had misclassified Dr. Kendall in their system, they provided the necessary information to get that corrected immediately, but then also provided an effective argument for having our visits included under "in-network benefits" - and the request was granted! My expectations are naturally high, but every one has been exceeded!

We were thrilled with our appointment with Dr. Kendall! She listened to our stories regarding our daughter and finally, instead of looking at the pieces individually, looked at the entire picture of symptoms. It is obvious that she is passionate about her work and truly cares about her patients. For the first time since our daughter's birth we felt like we finally had direction, and a plan for attaining answers once and for all. I cannot express how much stress this visit has taken off our family. Dr. Kendall has again exceeded expectations, constantly keeping us in the loop as results are received. We were elated with the fact that Dr. Kendall is not motivated through financial incentive to order certain labs or work only with specific labs. To us, this indicates that our daughter's health is the motivation for testing, and this is critical to us.

Without hesitation, we strongly recommend Dr. Kendall to anyone who wants answers to complex medical concerns and issues! We believe whole-heartedly that we will be able to get to answers under her care, where everyone else was stumped, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Mother of two daughters being evaluated
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I knew before I arrived I had found a physician who truly practices medicine and cares personally about her patients, simply by the way in which Dr. Kendall's practice is run. That alone is a reflection of the standards she sets for herself and her relationship with her patients. As we finished our session, I liked her approach and suggestions in handling my individual case and the feeling that she truly cares about my problems. She didn't paint unrealistic hopes, but a realistic, methodical approach to unraveling my problems.

Yes, her office did indeed provide something different in today's healtcare arena. The Dr. Kendall's of this world are already in short supply and my fear is that the future for those who want to practice as she does are growing slimmer and slimmer. Perhaps I found her in time to make my remaining years better.

Adult with undiagnosed symptoms

I had a hard time describing "my super hero". ha ha -She is just amazing! Thank you again for all the efforts made to help me.

I am so appreciative for the care that I received from Dr. Kendall. She is highly educated and experienced in her field of medicine and it is obvious that she truly cares for her patients. I was amazed and impressed with how quickly both she and her office returned my phone calls and e-mails. With Dr. Kendall, you do not have to “sit and stir” for the entire weekend or even for an hour over questions that you may need answered. When you are sick and scared, she provides you with all the information that you may need to help you understand your condition and she does it with genuine care and concern. If either you or  Dr. Kendall have unanswered questions and concerns regarding your previous care or lab work, biopsies, etc., she will not stop until she has researched the issue in its entirety and has the answer for you. With Dr. Kendall, you honestly do not have to second guess your care. The way Dr. Kendall runs her practice and the way she cares for her patients is genuine. You will know immediately that she is the best physician you will ever encounter. When you imagine the doctor of your dreams; imagine Dr. Kendall.

Adult using remote services 

We felt truly listened to by Dr. Kendall, which has not been the case for us in many instances recently with our daughter's health and our search for answers. I so greatly appreciated her acknowledging (and not brushing aside as several of the doctors we've recently seen) the concerns we have for our daughter and her health. I appreciated Dr. Kendall's honesty and openness about what we might or might not find and clearly explaining the next steps in my daughter's treatment. I have been sharing with many friends how good we felt leaving her office the first time and how we felt like someone was finally on our side.

Mother of a daughter being evaluated

I really enjoyed meeting you. You were very kind. It is wonderful to sit with a DR who really pays attention and allows time to be sure the patient understands.

Adult being evaluated 

It is amazing to think that so many years ago the team at CHOA gave us little hope for our daughter, but Dr Kendall put all the puzzle pieces together and have given us so much to be thankful for. My husband and I appreciate Dr Kendall and all the time and effort she has put into our child and children like her. We are confident in knowing that without Dr Kendall our little precious girl would not be in our arms today. Dr Kendall is a blessing and a gift to the world. God sent his best to work with kids such as these and she and her husband are his best!

Mother of a daughter with a Mitochondrial Disorder

I found Dr. Kendall through a nurse at my pediatrician's office who has 3 grandchildren that all have Mitochondrial Disease. After having gone through some very disconcerting events with another neurogeneticist, Dr. Kendall and her up front financial policies were a breath of fresh air. Within an hour of my initial call to VMP, I had spoken with Mr. Kendall for at least 30 minutes and then Dr. Kendall herself called me and we spoke for at least another 30 minutes. She even volunteered to look at my son's blood tests to make sure that his results merrited a visit with her. She called back that same evening and said that she was concerned and thought we could benefit from seeing her.

She was absolutely correct - we did and have benefitted from our visit with Dr.Kendall. In all the years that I have been dealing with specialists, I have never found a doctor as honest, as genuinely concerned, and as available as Dr. Kendall. When my son was diagnosed, Dr. Kendall called me, not a secretary. She spent 30 minutes with me on the phone and said I could call any time with any questions. Dr. Kendall and her office have bar none the most efficient patient communication system that I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. You are NEVER left not knowing any longer than absolutely necessary.

Additionally, your child will not have to undergo any unnecessary invasive testing unless Dr. Kendall deems it absolutely necessary. She is absolutely fabulous and we feel extremely blessed to have found her. Thank you Dr. Kendall and thank you Mr. Kendall for starting a practice that is truly based on what medicine should be based on - helping those who desperately need help.

Mother of a son with Autism

Working with Dr. Kendall was a positive experience. My child's endocrinologist recommended she be seen by a geneticist before finalizing a plan for her continued care. It is difficult, to say the least, to find a geneticist with availability. Finding and working with Dr. Kendall alleviated many frustrations - from red tape to understanding more about my daughters health! Dr. Kendall's approach is straightforward and caring. She utilizes technology to eliminate the paperwork, reduce process and communicate. I was shocked when I called to learn more about her services and possibly make an appointment that she actually answered the phone and answered my questions. I was as impressed with the ease that information transferred as I was when she met with my daughter. She patiently listened and asked questions. She set us on a path to find results and communicated those results to us very efficiently. I particularly liked that she offered a variety of ways to receive info (all depending on my level of comfort) - the phone, email or in-person. I am so relieved to have answers to take back to the endocrinologist for our next visit. Her findings will allow me to help build a plan for my daughter that is timely and actionable. You'll find that handling your own insurance paperwork is well worth the tradeoff for getting comprehensive and real time information. I highly recommend working with her.

Mother of a daughter with developmental delays

If you would like to include the following letter on your testimonial page on your website it would be okay.  I read the letters you hadon there and they are so true.

I would like to thank Dr. Kendall for her professionalism, kindness and knowledge during my first visit with her at her new practice and since then.  I had seen her at another location before and knew that she was the physician to see for my mitochondrial disease.  She really listens to what you have to say and has real empathy for your situation. 

She also follows through with what she says she will do.  Any time I ask for anything i.e. office notes, e-mail, test results she responds promptly and personally.  You don't feel like you are alone in your situation anymore.  What a blessing it is to have someone to personally ask a question to who really cares what happens to you.  I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Kendall.  Living with this disease is very hard but it makes it a little easier to know that you have someone you can count on to answer your questions and just be there for you when you need it.

Adult with a Mitochondrial Disorder

I would like to express that the attention given to us is something I have never experienced. Dr Kendalls compassion and sincerity is genuine and something I wish there was more of in the medical field. I know that Megan is in good hands and our concerns are being heard and addressed. As a parent of a sick child it is so important to know that you are being heard and that there are not any communication barriers. It is a refreshing feeling. I look forward to working with Dr Kendall through this journey.

Mother of a daughter with undiagnosed symptoms

I have always found Dr. Kendall to be accessible, personable, and extremely knowledgeable about mitochondrial medicine. Her management of Brody's mitochondrial disease over the years has been crucial when you are dealing with so many specialists focusing on their specific organ systems. There was definitely a need to have someone "tie everything together" and focus on the big picture which she has done.

Kristi Cole
Mother of a son with a Mitochondrial Disorder

Dr. Kendall and Virtual Medical Practice are our life savers! Our daughter currently does not have a dx for her developmental delays and the last set of tests we were told to run consisted of a muscle biopsy and Spinal Tap. We tried to have these done through our neurologists office, and thought we had things scheduled only to find out at the last minute that the dr. did not go about scheduling it correctly so it was canceled. We were going to have to start the process over, spend more time at more Dr’s offices and more money as well as wait months to have this done. This is after almost a year of trying to get these procedures done for our daughter. THANKFULLY – we found Dr. Kendall who at one point had been our daughters’ geneticist at a previous facility. Dr. Kendall and her team were able to get us back in the system within a few weeks and ahead of the original timeframe. All of the frustration and fear I had were taken away when Dr. Kendall stepped in. She knows my daughter and her situation, and she knew exactly what tests needed to be done. No additional Dr. Appointments necessary, and there will be no un-needed tests done; only those that we need to move forward with our plans for our daughter. Dr. Kendall was our life saver and I forever will be thankful to her and her team for helping us get these procedures done. When we met with Dr. Kendall at the previous facility we liked her and her open mind, and we now love her! If I ever hear of anyone who needs a dr. of this kind – Dr. Kendall and her team will be the first ones out of my mouth!

Julie Cristal 
Mother of a daughter with Hypotonia Developmental Delay

I just read over Dr Kendall's letter. I have to say I have Never had a doctor listen and absorb as much as Dr Kendall. I can't tell you how much it means to me that Dr Kendall is helping me. Thank you so much.

Patient with undiagnosed symptoms

No one knows and cares for the children like you do!

Mother of a son with a Mitochondrial Disorder

Dr. Kendall is a gifted clinician who not only has an excellent grasp of a complex medical specialty but who can also apply it to the patient setting. An excellent diagnostician, she also excelled in managing these patients. She is among the most conscientious physicians I know.

Dr Kendall has embraced the metabolic patient population, especially the most complex community of patients within that group, those patients with mitochondrial disease, i.e. disorders of energy metabolism. Her intellect and wisdom together with a sense of what's practical has made her a terrific resource for her patients who deal daily not only with their medical issues but an unsupportive and frustrating health care system.

Almost unanimously her current patients describe her as a knowledgeable, responsive, and compassionate physician; she has clearly established a loyal following.

The small community of clinical biochemical (metabolic) geneticists is lucky to include Dr Kendall among their ranks. From personal accounts I know that her patients feel equally as appreciative.

MK, M.D.

Dr. Frances Kendall is quite sincerely, the best doctor I have ever known. Our son has his blood checked quarterly by Dr. Kendall and during his many hospital stays she is the one who literally, saves his life!  Through her knowledge of metabolic disorders and her gift of friendship, she is there WHENEVER we need her. Without reservation, Dr. Kendall is an amazing and gifted doctor.  She cares and deeply loves my son and the children that she cares for. She is our hero!

Mother of a son with OTC Deficiency

Her clinical skills are excellent and she is unmatched in her ability to diagnose and treat complex metabolic problems. During my time at Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., I never worked with a geneticist that could come close to providing the comprehensive and timely advice that Fran can.

Just importantly, Fran can very effectively communicate with families and colleagues. She can break down complex metabolic problems in a manner that helps her colleagues, patients and families understand their significance and treatment nuances. She goes out of her way to seek out the families of her patients to counsel them on the implications of genetic and metabolic diagnoses. She has been invaluable in this regard when I have had to counsel families of patients with lethal diagnoses.

WK, M.D., Ph.D.
Colleague at & Past President of the Medical Staff

We really, really appreciate your help and care, and we feel incredibly lucky to have your as X's doctor.

Mother of a daughter with a Mitochondrial Disorder

Fran would spend hours educating and working with physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and laboratory support staff to ensure that her patients were taken care of. Researching and leaving articles for the ICU nurses to study, in-servicing the laboratory staff on highly specialized referral testing required for her patients, sitting in innumerable meetings with hospital administrative personnel to ensure funding and accessibility for patients, accessing medications and nutritional supplements not readily available to pharmacists or nutritionists, as well as educating pediatricians, emergent care physicians and intensivists is just a short list of her patient care activities.

I have watched Dr Kendall develop keen business acumen, continuing to adhere to high ethical and quality standards with the care of the practice's patients at the heart of her commitment. Her kindness, her caring, and her accessibility are evidenced in daily conversations, interactions, and communications with her patients.


Thank you for all you do for these kids, I understand they are your life.

Mother of a daughter with a Mitochondrial Disorder

It is clear to me that not only are you one of the best clinical geneticists in the country, but you have a passion for what you do and it shows.

To quote several of your patient's, "The dedication Dr Kendall gives to her patients is priceless. She has such a great bedside manner." Families are always so impressed with the time you take with them in the consults and breaking down such complex information in layman's terms and even sending helpful handouts you created. Many have even proclaimed you as their "angel".