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Lectures and Workshops Description

VMP Genetics offers a range of live educational resources and fashions the teaching format and style to the needs of the audience. 


  • Metabolic disorders, that includes any combination of:
    • Biochemistry, physiology, phenotype, diagnosis, and management, and related topics
  • Metabolic symptoms, that includes:
    • A description of the symptom
    • A practical approach that leads to a diagnosis, along with a tiered approach to testing
    • A guide to first-aid management, where appropriate, while waiting for a diagnosis


  • Groups of lectures that are specialty-relevant, or clustered together to accommodate a clinical or training requirement
  • Half-day or full-day in length

AVAILABLE TOPICS (and growing…):

  • An introduction to metabolic disease
  • The “metabolic crisis”
  • Metabolic approach to abnormal biochemistry (metabolic acidosis, hyperammonemia, hypoglycemia)
  • Metabolic approach to neonatal seizures
  • Approach to metabolic liver disease in the neonate
  • Pain: Consider a metabolic cause
  • The Newborn Screen: What a clinician needs to know
  • A Metabolic Clue: Blood ammonia
  • A Metabolic Clue: Blood CK 
  • A Metabolic Clue: Blood glucose
  • A Metabolic Clue: Blood homocysteine
  • A Metabolic Clue: Blood lactate
  • A Metabolic Clue: Urinalysis
  • Emergency management of a metabolic crisis
  • Metabolic Diseases: Pediatric board review (parts I and II)


  • Customized to your needs