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Inservice Training Description

Health professionals are not the only ones who need to know about metabolic disorders! A more thorough understanding of these conditions can set the foundation for more effective and competent planning and communication with patients, physicians, researchers, and industry partners, irrespective of your background. VMP Genetics offers training opportunities to patient foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders in the “metabolic community.”

Teaching focuses on all aspects of a disorder – the relevant physiology and biochemistry, the clinical phenotypes, diagnostic approaches, pertinent laboratory findings, therapeutic strategies, and disease monitoring.

The patient perspective is an important component of all VMP Genetics’ educational initiatives. A patient or family member is invited to tell his/her story as part of the training – living with the disease, dealing with the symptoms, the diagnostic odyssey, the burden of the condition on his/her family, his/her hopes and fears, what doctors did right and what they did wrong, the challenges in the health care system, at schools and in the workplace.

All training sessions are informal and interactive to enhance learning. Questions and exercises get attendees to think and apply the knowledge they have just learned. Where appropriate, an audience response system is utilized to promote participation.

Finally, metabolic disease is not rocket science! We at VMP Genetics teach to the understanding of the audience, whether or not they have a medical or science background. The concepts need not be complex!