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VMP Genetics provides the diagnosis and management of children and adults with rare genetic disorders, whether through direct patient care or physician support services. Genetics is an ever evolving field, as well as VMP. Please check back often as we continue to update our website.

  Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Telemedicine   statement on vaccine is toward the bottom of website
 We pioneered the use of telemedicine over a decade ago
and are leveraging our experience for our patients and
hospital clients during this crisis. Few remember that
VMP stands for Virtual Medical Practice.
To reduce the spread and risks, we offer telemed as an
option to all of our follow up patients and curbside
check-in for all in office appointments. Not overbooking
appointments eliminates having 20 people in our waiting
rooms, so the chances are pretty high you will be in our
waiting room alone.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

  Get the latest public health information from CDC: www.coronavirus.gov

  Get the latest research information from NIH: www.nih.gov/coronavirus 

  Latest official information from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force: www.coronavirus.gov/

  Check with your local county health department on where to get tested or their vaccine plans for your area.

  Dr Kendall, as part of a panel of experts, address patients & other professionals in a UMDF podcast: www.umdf.org/coronavirus

  Number of resources from the Ehlers Danlos Society: www.ehlers-danlos.com/covid-19-update

  Helpful Resources for the Rare Disease Community Around COVID-19: www.rareiscommunity.com


Direct Patient Care

VMP Genetics Direct Patient Care is led by a pioneer in the field, Dr Fran Kendall. Direct Patient Care specializes in children & adults from around the world with mitochondrial disorders, ehlers-danlos syndromes, connective tissue disorders, rare genetic, metabolic, & inherited disorders completely independent from the politics of large institutions and

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Education Services

VMP Genetics Education Services is led by Dr Mark Korson. Education Services create and provide innovative teaching approaches to healthcare providers so they may so they may participate more confidently in the diagnosis and


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Physician Support Services

VMP Genetics Physician Support Services is led by Dr Mark Korson. Physician Support Services providing on-call metabolic diagnosis and management assistance to hospitals and institutions through the use of 

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Know Your Facts!

Dr Fran Kendall posts on various topics involving rare diseases, treatments, management and

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VMP Genetics History & Mission

VMP is the brainchild of Dr. Fran Kendall and her husband Michael Kendall. Dr Kendall is a renowned expert in genetics for over 25 years and former founder and owner of a successful genetic laboratory & clinical practice. Our mission is to extend the reach of rare and specialized healthcare to an under served population while retaining the best of old fashion medicine. We do this through direct patient care, education outreach to healthcare professionals, and support services to hospitals and institutions utilizing readily available and cost effective technology.

COVID-19 Vaccine 02/03/21 Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Statement as of Feb 3, 2021

To date, healthcare workers and a host of others including many elderly have received either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19. Our complex care patients who have received a vaccine have not reported complications above those seen in the general population to include fever, myalgias, joint pain, headache, localized tenderness at the injection site, and fatigue. We personally experienced similar complications primarily following our second Pfizer immunization.

Many chronic care patients will be eligible for the receipt of some form of the vaccine as part of the CDC 1C tiered approach to distribution. Depending on availability of the vaccines, this will most likely occur in the next several months.

Because the vaccination is associated with unpleasant side effects, questions regarding the use of Tylenol or Advil have arisen. The infectious disease experts all agree that such medications should not be given prophylactically, i.e. before the immunization since that will dampen the body's natural response to the injection. However, data suggests that post immunization treatment with Tylenol or Advil for side effects is not likely to interfere with that process. Those with a mitochondrial disorder that wish to avoid the use of Tylenol can take Advil.

Fran D. Kendall, M.D.

COVID-19 Vaccine 12/14/20 Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Statement as of Dec 14, 2020

Many are asking questions about the vaccine. An excellent source of information is from the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the NIH, or your local community health department.

From our perspective and as a general rule, the mitochondrial and other chronic complex disease patients we personally follow who have contracted COVID are getting sicker and requiring more intervention than their age matched controls. This finding is consistent with a study looking at Down syndrome patients who similarly developed more severe problems at younger ages. Of note, one of my adult patients has developed long COVID syndrome with fatigue, concentration and focusing issues and worsening autonomic problems following his recovery from active infection.

In regards to the reaction to the vaccine, one of our patients who participated in the Moderna trial developed 103F fever, was sick for days, but fully recovered within a week. As is consistent with other reports, these patients are developing a mild COVID phenotype. That is the extend of the data I have to date from our patients.

Those patients who are critically ill or very unstable baseline (intractable seizures that worsen with illness, for example) may wish to defer the vaccine in initial phases to prevent decompensation from the onset of a COVID phenotype post immunization. Other more stable patients may consider their general exposure risk (i.e. are they in health care or work in the critical supply chain) in the context of their health issues, the mental and physical fatigue of isolation, their age, and previous response to immunizations and illness. Unfortunately, there are no other clear guidelines available at this time as this is an evolving process and comments and recommendations may be modified over time. Nonetheless, ultimately the decision to receive the vaccination is up to you, the patient and the family. We, the medical community, are here only to provide you with the information as we know and understand the information at any given time.

Fran D. Kendall, M.D.