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VMP Genetics provides the diagnosis and management of children and adults with rare genetic disorders, whether through direct patient care or physician support services. Genetics is an ever evolving field, as well as VMP. Please check back often as we continue to update our website.

  Covid-19 (Conronavirus) and telemedicine
 We pioneered the use of telemedicine over a decade ago
and are leveraging our experience for our patients
and hospital clients during this crisis. Few remember
that VMP stands for Virtual Medical Practice.
To reduce the spread and risks, we offer telemed as an
option to all of our follow up patients and curbside
check-in for all in office appointments. Not
overbooking appointments eliminates having 20 people
in our waiting rooms, so the chances are pretty high
you will be in our waiting room alone. 

Covid-19 (Conronavirus) Resources

The following are resources you can access to stay up to date with information. Of course it is not a complete listing, but they are the  ones we are using to stay abreast of information.

  Get the latest public health information from CDC: www.coronavirus.gov

  Get the latest research information from NIH: www.nih.gov/coronavirus 

  Latest official information from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Task Force: www.coronavirus.gov/

  Where to get tested. Limited states but they are being added. Includes GA: www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing

  Dr Kendall, as part of a panel of experts, address patients & other professionals in a UMDF podcast: www.umdf.org/coronavirus

  Number of resources from the Ehlers Danlos Society: www.ehlers-danlos.com/covid-19-update

  Helpful Resources for the Rare Disease Community Around COVID-19: www.rareiscommunity.com


Direct Patient Care

VMP Genetics Direct Patient Care is led by a pioneer in the field, Dr Fran Kendall. Direct Patient Care specializes in children & adults from around the world with mitochondrial disorders, ehlers-danlos syndromes, connective tissue disorders, rare genetic, metabolic, & inherited disorders completely independent from the politics of large institutions and

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Education Services

VMP Genetics Education Services is led by Dr Mark Korson. Education Services create and provide innovative teaching approaches to healthcare providers so they may so they may participate more confidently in the diagnosis and


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Physician Support Services

VMP Genetics Physician Support Services is led by Dr Mark Korson. Physician Support Services providing on-call metabolic diagnosis and management assistance to hospitals and institutions through the use of 

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Know Your Facts!

Dr Fran Kendall posts on various topics involving rare diseases, treatments, management and

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VMP Genetics History & Mission

VMP is the brainchild of Dr. Fran Kendall and her husband Michael Kendall. Dr Kendall is a renowned expert in genetics for over 25 years and former founder and owner of a successful genetic laboratory & clinical practice. Our mission is to extend the reach of rare and specialized healthcare to an under served population while retaining the best of old fashion medicine. We do this through direct patient care, education outreach to healthcare professionals, and support services to hospitals and institutions utilizing readily available and cost effective technology.


Many have already heard the same things to assist us... boost your immunity, stay well rested, stay well hydrated, social distancing, hand washing, etc. All good and valuable ideas to be aware of, but we asked ourselves what else is there? How can we use resources or influence to make a change? Please consider the following from Dr Fran Kendall as we face COVID-19.

TOGETHER  I awaken multiple times each night gripped by fear and anxiety. I cry for the world at large, for my patients, for my colleagues, for my family and friends, for myself. I silently recall my early days in medicine, as a student, during the AIDS epidemic. We did not know the etiology of the strange and frightening disease but saw its ravaging effects. We knew it was blood-borne, found in secretions, and deadly. I recall vividly the moments caring for those fragile, broken, desperate people who silently and hopelessly watched you with lifeless, hollow eyes.

I shook with fear during every encounter, with each exam and procedure. But we collectively surmounted our angst, our heartbreak, prejudices, and intolerances, to conquer the unknown and destroy the threat from within and without. 

We will rise again. Together, one selfless act at a time.  The mask less nurse covered in the secretions of the dying, the physician who slumps to the ground racked with fatigue and despair, the public servant who works tirelessly to secure more supplies, the neighbor who buys groceries for a frail, sickly friend, a kind word to a sequestered patient, the young adult who stays at home to protect his elders. 

We all have a role in this crisis, an opportunity for greatness, to be a leader among all others.  A critical choice from one moment to the next, a choice for yourself, a choice for another. We WILL rise again, together, one selfless act at a time.

Fran Kendall, M.D.

Cold and Flu Alert

Cold and Flu Alert

The key for those with mito that may have the flu or other viral illness such as a cold is to be aggressive with treatment. The flu and colds will sap energy and whatever can be done to either provide increased energy or to prevent energy being consumed will help. As with all children or adults with fevers, fever control and fluids are necessary to prevent dehydration. Allow plenty of rest. If you or your child are unable to control fever or maintain hydration by mouth (or by G or J tube) contact your local primary care provider or be evaluated in your local ER since additional intravenous fluids, fever management medications or blood work may be necessary to prevent complications and allow a rapid return to one’s usual state of health.