Simply, our goal is to provide the very best there is.  Our practice specializes in Pediatric and Adult genetic disorders and our services range from direct patient care to assisting other healthcare providers or entities with needed genetics expertise. In addition, we are dedicated to increasing the awareness of rare genetic disorders through community outreach and educational venues such as seminars and didactic curriculums. VMP’s service lines include:

Patient In Office Appointments:

In office face to face New Patient or Follow up appointments for the evaluation, diagnosis, discussion and management of rare genetic disorders.

Remote Follow Up Appointments:

Follow up appointments without the stress and hassle of traveling. They can be conducted via a telephone or Skype. Remote appointments must be physician approved but you always have the option of seeing us in our office. The choice is yours.

Remote Second Opinions:

From Moscow to Hong Kong and South Africa to Anchorage, people have used this service to gain the care that they need when they have no access to local resources or cannot travel. Second opinions are not new to medicine, but we allow technology to enhance them by providing access to Dr Kendall for at least an hour of one on one discussions. It is very similar to an person consult, but Dr Kendall is limited to making recommendations so your local physicians can pick up and order or prescribe. Dr Kendall is available to answer any questions your local physician may have about her recommendations.


As a strictly clinical practice with no laboratory affiliation or financial incentive in the tests we order; we order testing necessary for you and strictly in your best interest. Additionally, we are not invested in any one laboratory technology or direction but open to those technologies and directions that provide the best results and most cost effective approach for our patients.

There are over 10,000 types of genetic testing. Understanding the various options and being knowledgeable on the latest tadvancements has the advantage of keeping any deductables and co-pays as low as possible. Then suggesting labortaories that may have the most advantagious financial policy based on your insurance helps even more. 

  • Buccal Swab
  • Next Generation Syquencing 
  • Nuclear Gene Testing
  • Whole and Exome Gene Syquencing

Care Assistance:

Ongoing management assistance to patients, primary care physicians, and other specialists when extensive access to our physician is desired.

Medical Consultant:

Providing consultative services to physician groups, hospitals and biotech firms.

Expert Witness:

Dr Kendall is a seasoned medical expert on legal cases that saves her clients thousands of dollars by telling them what they need to hear... rather than what one may want to hear.

Education Outreach:

Providing education on rare, genetic disorders to a variety of venues including, hospitals, nursing schools, medical schools and other community educational facilities and groups.