Mito Cocktail

Dr Fran Kendall with VMP Genetics discusses the Mito Cocktail

The "Mito Cocktail" is a grouping of supplements and medicines that is widely used by mitochondrial patients and their physicians. Many choose to have it compounded and due to the cost many work to have it covered by their insurance.

The reason there is no "one size fits all" for the cocktail is many of the supplements and medicines included are notorious for their varying absorption rates and which ones can or cannot be tolerated by the individual. Take CoQ as an example: one person may uptake 90% of CoQ while another person only 10%. Or another medicine in the Mito Cocktail will be the answer to one person's prayers, cannot be tolerated at all by another, and make no difference at all for a third person. 

The links to the side address many areas of the Mito Cocktail and provides tips on gaining insurance coverage for the Mito Cocktail and other supplements.