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— March 21, 2015

Dr Kendall Heading Up MitoAction Clinical Conference in Atlanta, GA

Dr Kendall leading and lecturing at MitoAction's Clinical Conference in Atlanta, GA

— February 19, 2015

Dr Kendall Quoted in Mito Donation (3 person baby) media release

Dr Fran Kendall is quoted in a MitoAction news release on an IVF technique called “mitochondrial donation” that allow women to…

— January 21, 2015

Vacant Seat Awaiting Your MD

MitoAction's Clinical Conference geared to MD's in Atlanta.

— January 10, 2015

Author of Textbook Chapter on Mitochondrial Disease

Dr Fran Kendall authored textbook chapter on Mitochondrial Disease in the Medical Care for Children and Adults with…

— January 9, 2015

Lectures to Medical Students

Dr Kendall returns to as visiting lecturer to the GA campus of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

— December 5, 2014

Dr Kendall Lecturing at UMDF Southeast Mito Conference in St Petersburg, FL

Dr Fran Kendall lectured on various topics to other heathcare providers and patients at the UMDF's Southeast Regional…

— July 18, 2014

Lectures to Georgia Association of School Nurses

Dr Fran Kendall presents Overview of Mitochondrial Disease to the Georgia Association of School Nurses at their annual…

— June 2, 2014

Named Clinical Consultant to a pharmaceutical company, Chicago, IL

Dr Fran Kendall joins a pharmaceutical company as a Clinical Consultant.

— May 2, 2014

Dr Kendall Lectures to Other MD's At MitoAction Clinical Conference in Boston, MA

Dr Kendall lectured at MitoAction's Clinical Conference to educate other physicians and specialists who are not mitochondrial…

— February 25, 2014

Presents to The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.)

Dr Fran Kendall presents GI Complications of Mitochondrial Disease to The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition…

— January 14, 2014

Co Author of Practice Patterns of Mito Disease Physicians in North America

Dr Fran Kendall participates and is a co-author of Practice Patterns of Mitochondrial Disease Physicians in North America

— August 16, 2013

Lectures to US Autism & Asperger Association, Salt Lake City UT

Overview of Mitochondrial Disease and Its Association with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, US Autism & Asperger Association…