Dr Fran Kendall is 100% focused on patient care for children & adults from around the world with rare genetic, metabolic, mitochondrial & inherited disorders by providing:

  • evaluation, 
  • consultation, 
  • next gen sequencing, 
  • whole exome sequencing (WES), 
  • buccual swab (cheek) testing, 
  • biopsies, 
  • testing interpretation, 
  • medical record review, 
  • second opinions performed remotely, 
  • diagnosis & ongoing management.

We are a strictly clinical practice completely independent from the politics of large institutions and have no laboratory affiliation to avoid conflicts of interest or financial incentives in the tests that may be ordered. Testing is only a component of what we do, it is not all we do. Dr Kendall is far more focused on improving the quality of life of her patients.

If testing is needed, we order testing that is necessary and strictly in your best interest. We capitalize on our flexibility by sending testing to whatever facility or lab that may be doing the best, most cutting edge work while taking into account your insurance and which labs may have better contracts with your insurance. This approach avoids being invested in any single laboratory technology or technique but open to the most cutting edge advancements that provide the best results and most cost effective approach for our patients.

We practice medicine the old fashion way - yet by incorporating the latest technologies for your benefit. You will always receive one on one personalized care from a doctor who is a genetic expert with over 20 years of experience. The issues you face are important to us and you should have the best care possible at all times! 

No higher compliment can be received than to earn your trust and assist in your care. Check out what our patients say about us at our Testimonials page.

Latest News

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Dr Kendall quoted in media release on Mitochondrial Donation (3-embryo or 3-person) babies. Click here for more info.

Just published: Dr Kendall's Article in the Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry special Mitochondrial Disorders issue: "Mitochondrial disorders: Overview of diagnostic tools and new diagnostic trends”.  read pdf

Dr Kendall is honored to have been invited to speak on mitochondrial medicine at the US Autism & Asperger Association International Conference.

To learn more of our latest news, please visit our Blog page. 

VMP is the brainchild of Dr. Fran Kendall and her husband Michael Kendall. Dr Kendall is a renowned expert in genetics for over 20 years and former owner of a successful genetic laboratory & clinical practice. Our mission is to extend the reach of specialized healthcare to an under served population while retaining the best of old fashion medicine. While we physicially see the vast majority of our patients in our clinical office, we also utilize readily available and cost effective technology when appropriate for those that cannot travel for various reason, such as being physicially unable to do so.