We practice medicine the old fashion way - yet by incorporating the latest technologies for your benefit. VMP has expanded into three divisions to serve the rare disease community: Direct Patient Care led by Dr Fran Kendall and Physician Support & Educational Services divisions led by Dr Mark Korson. Throughout their decades of dedicated careers, Drs. Kendall & Korson have consistently blazed new trails in genetic medicine creating innovative ways to improve the quality of life and care for children and adults affected with rare diseases.  By utilizing the latest technology, this unprecedented and powerful collaboration of world leaders in the field of Inborn Errors of Metabolism under the VMP umbrella extends decades of expertise in highly specialized medicine to patients and health professionals in far reaching corners of the world.

No higher compliment can be received than to earn your trust and assist in your care. Check out what our patients say about us at our Testimonials page.

"Mitochondrial disorders: Overview of diagnostic tools and new diagnostic trends”: Dr Kendall's Article in the Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry special Mitochondrial Disorders issue:  read pdf

Direct Patient Care:

Strictly a clinical practice focused on patient care for children & adults from around the world with rare genetic, metabolic, connective tissue, mitochondrial & inherited disorders completely independent from the politics of large institutions and removed from the conflicts of interest that having a laboratory can create.

If testing is required, we capitalize on our flexibility by sending testing to whatever facility that may be doing the best, most cutting edge work while taking into account insurance and which labs may have better contracts with a specific insurance. This approach avoids being invested in any single laboratory technology or technique but open to the most cutting edge advancements that provide the best results and most cost effective approach for our patients.

As important as testing and diagnosing may be, it is only a component of what we do and not all we do. Dr Kendall has dedicated her 25+ year career to improving the quality of life of her patients by practicing personalized medicine focused on building approaches around their unique issues. 

Some of the services offered are evaluation, consultation, whole exome sequencing (WES), buccual swab (cheek) testing, biopsies, testing interpretation, medical record review, second opinions performed remotely, diagnosis & ongoing management.

Dr Kendall quoted in media release on Mitochondrial Donation (3-embryo or 3-person) babies. Click here for more info.

Physician Support & Educational Services:

Remote on-demand medical consultation to hospital systems worldwide and development of educational platforms ranging from live medical conferences to rare disease eLearning modules. Provides metabolic clinical support solutions for genetic or metabolic clinics, neonatal ICUs, newborn screening follow-up programs, and other specialty clinics. Consults become teachable moments for staff in rare disease.

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A certain kind of oil has arrived in Georgia! Read more about it in Factoid Friday's in our Resource section. There are a number of rules that are mandated for Georgia state residents to obtain a GA card and it is not as simple as having any MD sign off. As examples, the MD must be registered (we are) or a Waiver must be notarized by the patient. If you are a patient (required) and interested, please contact us for more information but please remember you must have a diagnosis to even be considered. 

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The key for those with mito that may have the flu or other viral illness such as a cold is to be aggressive with treatment. The flu and colds will sap energy and whatever can be done to either provide increased energy or to prevent energy being consumed will help. As with all children or adults with fevers, fever control and fluids are necessary to prevent dehydration. Allow plenty of rest. If you or your child are unable to control fever or maintain hydration by mouth (or by G or J tube) contact your local primary care provider or be evaluated in your local ER since additional intravenous fluids, fever management medications or blood work may be necessary to prevent complications and allow a rapid return to one’s usual state of health.

If you have any questions, please contact our office for further details.

Cerebral Folate deficiency is well known within our field. It is a reported finding in some cases of mitochondrial disease as documented by a very low spinal fluid of a chemical known as 5-MTHF. On the scale that is commonly used, reported levels that typically require intervention are 10-25 with normal being 40-150. SOME patients in that low range of 10-25 do respond to doses of folinic acid, showing some improvement or stabilization of their clinical symptoms. In Dr Kendall's personal experience, however, as well as that of some of her trusted colleagues in the field, most patients do not respond to this therapy. For that reason, Dr Kendall is very skeptical of retapping patients who have previously tested in the normal range. She does not believe this practice meets the current standard of care. 

Dr Kendall feels that there needs to be a very substantial reason to put a child or adult, especially those who may already be in a weakened condition, through the discomfort and possible danger of a spinal tap. She strongly recommends that families seek a second opinion, especially from their treating physician, before they consider taking this step.

Cerebral Folate deficiency (CFD)

Cerebral folate deficiency (CFD) is associated with low levels of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with normal folate levels in the plasma and red blood cells.

The onset of symptoms caused by the deficiency of folates in the brain is at around 4 to 6 months of age. This is followed by delayed development, with deceleration of head growth, hypotonia, and ataxia, followed in one-third of children by dyskinesias (choreo-athetosis, hemiballismus), spasticity, speech difficulties, and epilepsy.

The low level of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in the CSF can result from decreased transport across the blood-brain barrier, which is most probably because of the blocking of folate transport into the CSF by the binding of folate receptor antibodies to the folate receptors in the choroid plexus.

In some patients with true low levels of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, treatment of the condition with folinic acid for prolonged periods may result in improvement of clinical symptoms.

VMP is the brainchild of Dr. Fran Kendall and her husband Michael Kendall. Dr Kendall is a renowned expert in genetics for over 20 years and former owner of a successful genetic laboratory & clinical practice. Our mission is to extend the reach of specialized healthcare to an under served population while retaining the best of old fashion medicine. While we physically see the vast majority of our patients in our clinical office, we also utilize readily available and cost effective technology when appropriate for those that cannot travel for various reason.